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Happy Holidays from CafeDeb! Current cover girl, beautiful Velvet Rose CafeDeb is a weekly magazine

Models / Music / Movies / Writing, fiction & non, fotografs & life @ the beach in Deblog / only $7 a month treat yourself, XOX

'i luv graf' fans can also visit UKGraffiti

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there is stuff to see, read and hear 4 free / take your time / enjoy yourself, but remember this is a tease / not much nudity in preview...nothing new in Deb Likes 2 Read & no new music...


Jessel / Punk

beautiful models in the Gallery

fotos of whatever captures our attention in Deblog life at the beach, graffiti, parties, architecure, travels...

mix of music, varied artists in CafeDub

and the finest literature in Deb Likes 2 Read

CafeDeb changes weekly $7 a month

CafeDeb welcomes submissions from contributing writers, fiction & non for Deb Likes to Read, the stranger the better. We like:

amusing/ horror/ human interest/ political and always, porn

send your masterpieces to thanx

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