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Brand New Cadillac by The Go Getters

3 Blue Dogs by KevC / from his album Portion of Space

Love Me Like Candy music/lyrics Rebecca Kyler Downs.

She's jazz/swing/sexy.

Suction Boy is an email Mouse sent to his long lost father - so moving, it had to be put to music

KevC, Y & Alisa did spoken word like beat poets from the 50's, music KevC / lyrics Mouse

Theme from Tetragramaton (that is my sons name!) Tetragramaton is a short film about vampires - music KevC

Life Is Fine music / lyrics, Newsboy Legion
Mouse Burp is a symphony - opera, if you will

Burt Lick the Lishna Weenay is an ode to Bacarat - Debbie likes Burt music KevC and Burt - lyrics Alisa and Burt

Mouse Can’t Tap is another ongoing installment of The Mouse Tapes
In this one KevC, Hag, Alisa, Y and Mouse get together in KevCs lil studio to compose a track - Mouse tries to hook up some beats - gets bored (he can’t tap) and goes to snore on the sofa - this is what he is dreaming

Cool and Keen is about Mouse having a good day - He’s cool he’s keen he’s peaceful and joyful - music KevC / lyrics Alisa
Hollywood Poser Blues is self explanatory - music KevC / lyrics Alisa
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