volume 29

Our current cover girl Marissa in the gallery

Marissa was CafeDeb's first model; she's great

Al Beaulieu shot her in spring 2004 at his Minneapolis studio

time flies...





It's been 14 months since CafeDeb launched and Deb has been charging subscription for almost a year

it's been fun / but I don't have much patience for nasty support

and CCBill has always been problematic

It was hard to find a vendor for an 'adult site' I used CCBill by default. The net classifies ANY nudity as 'adult' XXX films to art photography (Debbie isn't really into either)

I paid $750 to VISA up front and CCBill takes 14% - Pirates! Charging all that cash, you'd think they'd be nice, but support is rude stupid and useless

I don't do marketing (not my thing) but our biggest month was 290,000

CCBill sent me an invoice for the coming fiscal and I had to laugh - not worth it!

so CafeDeb will be free again starting August 06, CafeDeb is not ruling out a subscription site but if it's not fun, forgetaboutit

(I know...princess....xoxoxEditor)

The Naked Man

the downtown library needed a nude statue




9 tomorrows new music from KevC


I've been working on a memoir; it has stories from more than a decade of work in the entertainment industry...

WeHo Stories is Queer as F*ck

is an excerpt in Debbie Likes 2 read

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