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Jessel on the Roof and Lux in White Stockings are the latest fotos in the Gallery

Mushroom Belly is new music by KevC in CafeDub

Chase Art murals in Venice / Santa Monica - Deblog

Story of Deb is a convaluted myth, a crazee fable, this week in Deb Likes 2 Read

Mailing List Test Monkeys : I asked you 4 your favorite websites - funny responses - amusing / eclectic / wakadoo / political - but strangely enough, not much sex - Efexor/ Paxil/ Celexa/ Lexapro? I'm on Wellbutrin at the moment. Don't tell Tom Cruise.

Here are 10 in no particular order From Jenny (sheena metal) - the little kitten trying to deal with the crapness of his leopard...I think we've all been there From Aaron I luv Tom Jutte From George (hello george - she's the password) Internet Movie Data Base from Deborah We all luv The Onion - who doesn't? But this from Kari is pretty conservative - she's the one that turned me on to... thanx Kari Not in 10K years would I have guessed what this was - from Rita Watch this movie / bunch of soldiers doing a music vid spoof / the coolest thing is that it was done in one long shot / not easy - mmm debbie likes soldier boys...
Got a lot of votes for UK newz. I agree (altho' I don't read much newz on the net) BBC on PBS and The Daily Show are newz I watch. I want my propaganda well written / delivered with some sophistication / USA newz embarrasses me.

and for everyone who said cafedeb was your favorite, silly/you'resweet/youmakemeblush

wish you were here XOXOX

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