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Naked James from MySpace turned me onto UK artist/filmaker Chris Cunningham and his creation - Rubber Johnny - very experimental/creepy yet strangely likeable. I think that's hard to do - or maybe he just appeals 2 freaks - quite possible.

This connection stopped on me a couple times for a second or so and I have cable. Might find another site that carries it better (this is from BUT if you're lazy like Deb just Be Patient - it's a six minute treasure.

Cunningham made RJ in several mediums as well book/animation/fotografs/movies

Rubber Johnny has a proper website - with stuff 4 sale - (remember it's pounds, about twice as much, UK money is still worth something) He also has an ad site

RJ with his little chihuahua is just so dam freaky I could watch him all day.

This from Betsy. Funny as SHIT BOB SAGGETT - I think part of it's charm is the bad acting.

Their Forums are filled with funny phuckew bitch ShutupShutup assholes - good place 2 go if you're in a whack mood.

weather is beautiful - wish you were XOXOX

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