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August 2

Another tip from MyFriends – Stupid Fuckers has a link from Happy Tree Friends to Salad Fingers. (Confused?)

I watched episode 1-5 then went to creator David Firth’s site for Salad Fingers #6


Salad Fingers drew me in with it's sweetly macabre timbre made me think of Edward Gorey It kept my attention with a bit of mystery - that kind of reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe The character is obscure, maybe dangerous and likeable.

There is a ton of animation out there - a lot of freshmen efforts & I don’t have the patience to watch much to the end. With Firth I found myself captivated.

There are 6 episodes, I recommend them in order late at night when you’re in the mood 4 something creepy/peculiar and...adorable.

Salad Fingers is just one of his creations. I found Black & White Cartoon About Berries & Spoilsbury Toast Boy interesting and the Devvo series is completely disturbing/hilarious in a making fun of an addict kind of way.

I haven’t looked at his whole site yet but I will when the mood comes. I’m a pastel wearing, beach walking, closeted goth.

I also signed up for his newsletter so I won't miss Salad Finger’s #7 mmmmm…rusty spoons...


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