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The Big Easy

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities, my heart breaks 4 her.

1st time I was there was late 80's & I fell hard. It was Christmas, multicolored lights hangin' off old iron balconies in the Quarter were sweetly surreal / Sweaty, sultry, blues & jazz soaked, cajun cooking and Voodoo everywhere / Bliss.

I was with a lover (a musician - hey I was young) we stayed at The Saint Ann Marie Antionette /so romantic, so in luv, we got engaged @ Antoine's.

We couldn't stay in the BE forever, 6 months later we split up, but while we were there it was magic/enchanted. We ventured out at sunset and mosey'd our way back at sunrise.

You could feel Anne Rice's inspration everywhere / but my favorite book about the city was/is 'Coming Through Slaughter,' by Michael Ondaatje.

Buddy Bolden was a brilliant but troubled jazz cat (some say the father of jazz) He went mad @ the turn of the century. (I luv jazz musicians, they're a different breed...) You could see/feel/hear 1900 everywhere.

That old city is filled with ghosts.

I went back in '94.

I was working on Candyman II - Farewell 2 the Flesh. It was a horror film (well, it tried anyway, haha) we shot nights in the Quarter - 100 degrees and 100 % humidity in August.

Not in love and working in that heat you would think my reaction to the city would B more realistic / but no / I loved it even more. I had fallen 4 New Orleans, not whazizname, now long forgotten.

I have some crazee whakadoo fotos/video behind the scenes shenanigans of the Candyman II shoot / somewhere in storage / I'll put them up if I ever find.

The Big Easy took a major body blow last week, The Red Cross is a good place to give if U can afford.

some other favorite causes...

I luv celebrities who use their considerable media power 4 good, like Pamela Anderson - she's a great spokesperson 4 Peta.

In this video she asks consumers to B compassionate & try animal-friendly alternatives to leather - it's nice 2 think about cows once in awhile.


Pam Anderson video

I luv Angelina Jolie 2 / what is she, effing superwoman? She's the UN Goodwill Ambassador, adopts 2 refugee children, endlessly goes to crazee worn torn horror's like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tanzania, Cambodia, Equador, on and on - the woman never stops - and she still finds the time to play around with scandal? She's precious.

(...but I couldn't find any good video)

And finally / it's nice to see the BAC's (born again christians) in full sympathy mode (What would Christ do in a natural disaster? This website has an idea.)

When things R looking their worst and everything seems overwhelming, you can always count on a BAC for a good laugh.

Repent America!

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