post op / 405
sept 05 - alisa

The 405 is mostly straight / usually crowded / slow & snoringly boring. Fortunately there's graf 2 look at. Construction sites don't bother to paint over & work on the 405 is the never ending story.

Like every big city, LA insists on spending $ to make the cement ugly & grey again. I'll never get it, the little misfits always entertain. If I was queen of the world, freeways would be colorful.
I had surgery at Torrance Memorial Medical Center a couple weeks ago. I was driven there by Nations Transportation. They took me back & forth for two weeks.
Super nice guys. It takes an hour each way from Venice...
I had strong meds / blurry memories / my digi cam has a little delay from when U push to when it clicks / like my brain on percocet...

USC Hospital, Jan '02

This op took a long time.

USC is a teaching hospital, after an endless surgery, when everyone is tired, the doc in charge says, let out the test monkeys...
I was stitched up by retarded, sleep deprived simians / I was Hideous Frankenstein.
Kevin Rolly took this foto June '03
This is the scar revision I just had done. Post op day 3. (Look at the tube sticking out of my side)
The tube was a drain 4 the stitches, I had a home nurse coming by for 10 days to change my dressing's...
My back used to look deformed.
2 weeks post-op, what a diff! When it heals, it will be a simple white line.
So Happy the procedure went well, but it hurt like a mutheffukka / I doubled up on pills and hindu dozer.
I saw a ghosty! I was trying to take a pic of the scar / Duh, flash. It wasnt until later that week I downloaded and saw this figure to my right, Wow! I emailed my friends.

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From: Nancy
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Those medications they gave you are so good huh? Isn't that me? Does look like a shadowy ghost who isn't interested huh? Ha...I won't tell....

oh Yea,

Nancy came over / did 2 loads of laundry / stayed and talked awhile...I remember now...

mmmm, those were good meds

(but I still miss Ghosty : )


Soooo nice to be off the 405 & back at the beach,

ask me sometime about my foot .


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