October, 05

I originally created this html page 4 UKGraffiti.com a sweet guy runs it, their site is ambitious - around the world - fun 2 see graf from Europe. It's still being built, check them : )

So...it's long after 4:20 / hello wizzizzel / I started rambling, more pics more yadda yadda (anything to avoid real work , haha) so this is diff from what I sent them. (I axed shameless self promotion, why preach 2 the converted)

i luv graf#1

i luv graf#2

i luv graf#3

i luv graf#4

i luv graf#5

i luv graf#6

i luv graf#7

i luv graf#8

i luv graf#9

i luv graf#10

i luv graf#11

i luv graf#12

i luv graf#13

i luv graf#14

i luv graf#15

Why graffiti?

I love art. My Dad oil paints, some of my earliest memories... And I’ve always liked fotos, if something captures my attention, I shoot it.

Graf has my interest 4 a minute.

I’m fascinated by the transient nature of it / fun to document. A piece bigger than 3 boxcars will B gone in the morning. Why does city government care so much? I am always bemused by the negative response.

We have 100,000 homeless people barely surviving in SoCal.

There is a small city living in 3rd world country conditions.

That we won't take care of our drunks, junkies and schizophrenic's, our crack ho's and runaway kids is effed up. Blankets & food would be a better buy than barrels of grey paint.

Our most helpless & screwed up citizens need a little compassion and a place to dry out. Californian's don't want our most fragile fuck-ups tossed aside and left to die. Our corrupt city goverment sucks.

Urban art is art at its most primeval. We've been decorating our caves since we ate Mammoth.

Graf involves the viewer, love or hate / everyone has an opinion.

It's becoming more mainstream / more murals / more color.

I don't ignore or belittle the criminal element, but not all graf is painted by gansters.

The push & pull of ying & yang is always a part of LA culture... every big city I guess.

Gangs exist because they fill a void.

It's complex, I don't pretend to understand it. Poverty, classism, drug money, shitty schools, broken homes, bla bla bla, it can definately depress you.

I think artistic expression is a positive choice, an optimistic option.

Cops in Venice have a truce with writers, they gave them 2 walls & 2 BBQ pits to paint just off the boardwalk, with the hope it would keep them off of everything else. (It works 4 the most part...)
XOXOOX peace~alisa
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