boy in wonderland
by Mouse

Waking from his slumber, little Georgie runs to his play station to continue his game from the pervious night. 

It is his favorite war game and he pretends he is saving the world.

‘George, time for breakfast’ a voice calls out.  Carrying his cordless controller he heads to the breakfast table. 

All the TVs are linked to his game so he continues to play.  Pausing his game for two minutes he wolfs down his fruit loops like a mad man possessed,  possessed by a war game.

Finished,  he runs back to his playroom and slides into his beanbag chair.  ‘Time to get dressed’ a voice calls out from an adjoining room.  Clutching his controller tight and clinching his lips he pretends he didn't hear. 

'Time to get dressed,' in a firmer tone rings out.  Reluctantly Georgie shuffles into the next room.

‘I want my Terminator boxers today,’ he demands.  Putting on his socks then his shirt he struggles with his cuffs.  ‘Let me do that’ commands the valet.  ‘I want to wear shorts today!’ Screams Georgie.  ‘No, you must wear pants,  here is your tie, tilt your head.’ 

‘Do I have to wear a tie everyday?’ asked Georgie.  ‘Don't ask stupid questions, just do as I tell you,’ says the voice from behind the door.  ‘Sorry sir,’ says Georgie as slips on his shoes.
‘Now are you ready for your daily briefing Mr. President?’
‘What should I say today Cheney?

‘What ever the nice man from the oil company tells you George.’

'Will he give me another play station game today?’

‘Only if your good and read this signing statement.’

‘Why do I have to make a statement when I sign my name?’

‘It is like crossing your fingers when making a promise.  It means what you sign doesn't actually count.’

‘Then can I play my play station again?’

‘All day long George, all day long.’

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