head on lust street

by Al Dente

‘Check out the ass on that one Nick says, and those black boots.’
I barely hear him over the blast of headbangin’ rock echoing through the club.

I catch his nod over my beer and look down the bar past the sea of black leather chicks and dudes to the object of his attention. I’m not in the mood.
‘Which one? I ask every chick here is in black.’

I pretend not to know which one he’s checking out. I guzzle more beer as Nick elbows my attention. ‘C’mon, he urges, go say something.

I’ll bet you another round you don’t have the nerve to say something to that one, right there, with the studded leather belt and the ass.’

He chuckles, drunk or on the way, prodding me, offering two rounds and a shot. Fuck it. You wanna buy my drinks, asshole? He’s really a good friend, just back from the Army after three years in Iraq.

He'd just finished telling me about taking out snipers in Falluja and eating lunch over dead bodies as reporters lose theirs. Intense.

I look back down the bar but the babe is tucked behind a group of long-hairs. ‘Watch me, I declare as I get to my feet.

I’m pissed off over Carly; losing her and feeling like I’ve wasted two years of life chasing after the wrong girl, again. I’m just gonna get drunk with my war buddy and flirt all night.

As I make my way through the crowd I spot the ass, not looking up, when suddenly the ass turns around. I nearly bump into it. Tight jeans, long wild hair, leather coat, black boots and an ugly face on this guy staring at me as I approach.

He nods, walks off. A guy! Doh! Didn’t check it out enough to avoid embarrassing myself. I storm back and Nick’s laughing his head off. He nearly falls off his seat, mother-fucker.

I smile sarcastically and sit down, he’s trying to say something so I slug him hard in the arm.
‘Fuck you, I snarl,
I slam my beer.

Plenty of bitches to look at, make-up plastered and wild hair to the max; Not much dancing, mostly drinking and smoking and trying to look like the ultimate rock-n-roll party fucking machine.

For a moment I really feel like I’m in hell with Stained crooning a ballad as nameless head bangers and wanna bees crawl around the club with smoke, steam, red lights and droning stupid laughing conversation all pounding into my head.

Carly, you bitch. I don’t know how I could be so stupid for so long. I thought I loved her. I guess it was love of flesh and possibilities and the sparkle in her blue eyes.

Now I torture myself for the second weekend since she dumped me again, this time for good. Run back home to your mamma then, princess.

‘Rico! Hello, earth to Rico!' Nick’s waving a shot glass in front of me and blowing cigarette smoke in my face.
‘You think that’s gonna pacify me, Nick-ol-Ass?' I say, returning to my senses.

He gives me shit for bumming out about Carly as I slam the whiskey and finish his beer. He gets into a conversation by bumping into some girl.

I abandon ship and make my way down the street, heading home. About a mile, not long enough to sort out my head. A few late night hicks squeal by in their Camero as I round the corner to a quiet street, one I don’t usually take.

The sign should read ‘Dusty St’ but someone has spray-painted the D into an L’ over it. I smiled.

It’s been hot and people are watering their lawns at night so it sounds like a light rain. It’s dark and otherwise quiet and that’s fine with me. My mood is dark and quiet, my heart is hungry and I don’t want to think about her. I do any way.

I catch a glow of pale something ahead, on someone’s lawn to my left. A wisp of smoke, and a cinder of light; somebody sitting in the yard smoking, I figure. I smell it. It’s not tobacco, but some green bud, rather skunky and pleasant.

As I get closer I see it’s not one, but two people, young women, sitting on a blanket with very faint dub music playing out of the house. Rasta beat, mellow, with candles in the window, and they aren’t talking, just smoking.

As I walk by, I look over at them, and they barely move, just passing the smoke, but they are clearly staring at me.

I pull my hands out of jeans and straighten up. I’m a handsome bloke, they say, and I’m hungry for attention. In the dark I see that one girl is a red head, long and curly, tight white top with tits galore, the other is thinner, straight dark hair and foreign-looking, Philippino or Paki or something.

Very hot, the pair, so I speak up.
‘Smells good,’ I say, smiling.

The Asian-Iraqi girl laughs and the redhead nods her head in agreement. I play it cool, wondering what else to say or how to approach without seeming creepy. No chance, I figure. I smile back and keep walking.

‘Want some bud?’ asks the redhead to my shock and surprise. I stop in my tracks, bristling. I feel my cock swell in sudden anticipation.

‘Sure, why not?’ I reply, and make myself welcome at their midnight picnic.

As I sit I see they’re both smiling at me, they lean back and let their bodies shine in the smoky cloud of bud. I deduce that my situation is very good, so I say nothing and smoke with them and just take in every curve of their faces and bodies.

I cough a bit on a power hit and they giggle, lean in to one another and whisper. I recover my breath and smile through it.

To my amazement, they start kissing each other softly on the lips. I feel the heat of the night and the whishing of nearby sprinklers is not enough to cool me down. I loosen my denim jacket and take another toke as the redhead brings her hand to the other’s breast and teases her nipple, making her groan in pleasure.

It’s as if I wasn’t there for a few minutes, they just start making out on the lawn and it gets hotter and hotter by the minute. I stop myself from saying something stupid like ‘o my god’ and instead just lean back on my hands.

My hands are gripping the green grass like its hair and my cock is bulging out of my jeans as they sort of tumble into my lap. Their bodies are stretched out in front of me, their heads are on my lap and they continue kissing and groping each other.

Red and black hair combine over my legs and the tops of their heads are pushing into my groin. I feel like I’m part of the lawn and they don’t seem to be aware of me anymore.

I can’t resist, I start running my hands through the mass of hair moving over my legs. They are smacking kisses over one another and their legs are hissing through the grass. I’m mesmerized by their affection to each other, I want to say something but I can only gasp.

They suddenly both look up at me with stoner smiles, eyes droopy and loving. The redhead lets her tongue roll out like she wants to lick me, and the foreign girl responds by bringing her tongue out to touch the redhead’s tongue, and they’re both still looking at me.

I adjust my legs to let my hard cock show through my jeans just inches from their faces. Their tongues play with each other as they take turns opening my pants.

The foreign girl pulls my throbbing cock out with her slender hands and strokes it down to the base as the redhead licks her lips. I gasp, my eyes roll back and I stare up at the stars through the trees as they take turns licking my cock and each other.

The redhead swallows my cock up in her mouth as the foreign girl slides on top of her and brings her wet lips up to my face, then darts her tongue into my mouth. We’re kissing and it’s so sweet, her lips are soft, her breath is warm as she plays with my tongue.

I feel the hot mouth of the redhead gliding up and down my cock and I’m in heaven.

She nudges the foreign girl. Then the redhead sticks her ass in the air, still working my cock with her mouth and tongue, and my hands are playing with her big round hard tits. The foreign girl crawls on her back under the redhead to work her pants open and then she starts going down on the redhead.

The redhead is moaning as she bobs over and over again on my cock, the foreign girl’s feet are planted on my chest. The sight is too awesome at times so I let my eyes gaze up to the stars and trees.

My whole world is lawn sprinklers whishing away in an unbelievable night of swaying trees, starlight, and soft hair and lips over me.

The girls take turns until they finish me off. I collapse in waves of pleasure. I become aware at some point that the girls have wandered off back into their house. The music is gone, candles out, and the door is closed. I pull myself together and shrug off the heavy feeling in my bones that wants to keep me there on the lawn.

‘I love this street, I declare, and this night. What a beautiful fucking night!’ I make my legs walk and head home. Thanks, Carly. I never would have taken this path home if it wasn’t for you. I let out a loud whoop and laugh as I enter my apartment, grab a bowl of cereal and turn on PS2.

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