stormy weather
by micheal everest

It was pouring rain and the winds were cold and strong. Most of the streets were empty except for those running to get home or inside somewhere. Inside was warm, inside was dry.

Elena had left the car where it broke down and had begun to walk the two or three miles home but had soon found herself soaked and the chill was now becoming unbearable.

She saw a small bar ahead, it's neon sign was the only sign that let it be known there was even a bar there. Its doors large and wooden needed repainting.

She broke through the door into the dark atmosphere and quickly slammed the doors from the wind flooding inside. It took her a moment to adjust the low light inside and she quickly surveyed the surrounding.


There was a single bartender, a lone drinker at the bar about mid 30's and two young men at a table towards the back.

The place was relatively quiet except for the juke box playing old 60's and 70's R&B tunes. James Brown, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge.

She pulled up to the bar, took off her coat laying it over a bar stool, the water dripping out of its fibers onto the floor in large drops like atom bombs.

Ordering a gin and tonic she noticed her blouse was transparent from the rain. Her nipples hardened, pink through her white blouse, protruded out. She rarely wore a bra.

As the bartender slid her her drink she noticed his eyes lying on her breasts. And when she reached forward for the drink she felt how they briefly rested upon the edge of the bar. He swallowed.

In the mirror behind him she noticed how they all looked at her. Glancing at her. Taking her into their minds. Sizing her up for their fantasies. Collecting the images of her bare legs, of her shoulders and back, her hands, how her hair hung wet against her neck.

She began to feel the weight of their eyes move along her thighs, her hips, down between her legs. She grew warm there. Though her skin remained cool and sensitive from the wet clothing. Then without much thought she undid a button then another on her blouse.

The room took notice and for a moment everyone held their breaths.

She held a thought in her mind for a moment. Then she became it. Turning her stool around she opened her legs and very calmly faced and looked at them all one by one. A smile crept on her lips. Then she leaned back against the bar and waited.

Slowly and apprehensively one rose from the back and went over to her resting a hand on her leg, cautiously pulling up her skirt. Then another came forward until all the men had surrounded her. Each caressing and slowly undressing her. Removing her blouse, pulling down her skirt, her panties.

Two men each sucked on her breasts, fondling, pulling at her nipples, teasing them with their tongues. One man buried his head between her legs and tasted her. Another kissed her. Taking her tongue in his mouth and giving her his. He pulled out his hard cock and guided her hand to it.

The bartender pulled out a bottle of wine, uncorked it, and then poured it down between her breasts and into her mouth. Every man drinking it off her body, licking the small beads left on her pubic hair. They stood naked in front of her now. All hard with desire. With lust.

They pulled her to the ground on her knees and circled her. She took hold of them with hands and mouth. Sucking one off then another. Tasting their cocks. Jerking off two while one was in her mouth.

Someone grabbed her by the hair and fucked her mouth good. Sliding their cock down the back of her throat. She rose up, lifting her ass into the air and let one slide into her wet pussy. He fucked her while she sucked cock after cock. And when he came another took his place.

She had always fantasized about being with more than one man. In college she had seen her roommate having sex with two guys and was excited by it.

She watched them without their knowing and masturbated to the groans of her roommate as the guys fucked her simultaneously. She watched how her roommate straddled one and leaning forward enough so that the other guy was able to come behind her and enter her.

But she never experimented much in college, sticking to her studies, later on she had always thought about the missed opportunities of those years.

Now, one of them before sliding into her stuck his tongue into her ass and she loved it. How it explored her. The wetness of his tongue, its warmth and odd texture. He licked her for a while before he slowly slid his member into her ass and fucked her slow.

She was tight there. She loved his deep moans. It made her crazy to hear him in such pleasure. And when he came in her ass, the throbbing of his cock and sudden heat of his cum shot a jolt of lightening through her and she came in a violent shudder collapsing on the ground.

They rested their in the middle of the bar, hearing the sounds of the storm dissipate and finally pass. She dressed herself. Never saying anything. Gave a smile and a look to the bartender and left out the door.

Into the city that now came back alive with the sounds of traffic and people scurrying about.

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