tijuana after dark
by Michael Everest

We drove down to Tijuana the moment the idea escaped from my lips, our blood thinned by too many drinks and long inhalings of weed. The four of us not knowing any Spanish or where the streets led we walked down. Every passing police officer was a reminder to the corruptness of the city.

It was the middle of the week and we were part of only a handful of tourists to brave these alleys and streets long after dark, long after those who weren't looking for trouble had gone home.

We had hit a strip joint, threw a few dollar bills before a Mexican stripper who had no problem with being fondled being grabbed or having her thong slipped to the side, just before a tongue tasted her. Brian had lain across the stage, teeth clenching ones; she crawled over to him, laying herself over in a 69 position and went down on him.

The joint rocked with whoops and yells, the local’s faces showing jealousy. A young girl, no older than 16 came over to me, with a woman who looked like her mother asking for ten dollars, ten dollars and I could have the girl for what I wanted.

We left, as the girls set ended and walked down an alley. I was scared as shit, not being able to see three feet in front. Some guys came over and met us in the darkness, Vincent bought some coke from them then we kept on moving at a quicker pace. Joel said he wanted to a blowjob, so we found a taxi and he became our guide.

He led us to a small 4 room hotel with the outside wall lined with young girls, most of them slightly overweight and unattractive. We definitely weren't on the best side of town for what we wanted.

After making the deal we headed up to our rooms. The girl I choose was the better of the bunch, she quickly undressed, applied some lube to her pussy and rubbed my cock until it was hard enough to fit the condom over.

She placed it in her mouth and with one forward motion had expertly fitted it over. She sucked until I was fully erect, then she lay down and motioned for me to get on top. I grabbed her calves and lifted them a little, then slid inside her, she moaned.

I fucked her slowly at first then slightly faster, as the sound of someone pacing back and forth down the hall on the other side of the door made me jumpy.

Thoughts of someone coming in and robbing me as I was buried in this prostitute, totally naked and hard, made me fuck with an almost manic look on my face. My rhythm speeded up as the desire of getting the hell out of there filled me.

I came and jumped off the bed, nearly jumping into my clothes, then awkwardly said thank you and good nite.

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