July 4 garage ducks misbehaving
KevC & me at the Getty

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From: Richard Casias
To: alisa@cafedeb.com
Sent: Friday, July 01, 2005 1:33 AM
Subject: I love #7 2

alisa dear - thanks soooo much for your wonderful work of capturing the graf of #7. I took the liberty of downloading 2 photos (#23 + 24) from the Lincoln Park collection to share w/ my Mom + Dad... I hope you don't mind.

She grew up on Soto Street and also in the Lincoln Park neighborhoods - they live near me in Sonoma now, and I want her to see a little snapshot of "Our Lady" in the old neighborhood...
...pls let me know if you prefer that visitors admire and not download...

!Que tenga un gran fin de semana y 4 de Julio!
XXOOXO = mis besos


no worries baby go ahead / download anything you want/ that's why I watermark them / send them into the world and perhaps they will send back friends xxmeow
June 30 - i luv graf # 7

Sunday morning parade

June - flew over to see George and Co. in Phoenix this past week - much fun, miss ya luv ya XXXXXXXOXO
June - went to the San Diego County Fair w/ Velvet and Co.

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From: comah oneski
To: alisa
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2005 12:09 PM
Subject: Re: what i've been up 2

Hey I just read what kbreak had to say...and basically Life isnt fair to everyone..Sometimes kids have no outlet but gangs..For no other reason than they have no family and the gangs showed them love..I try to help kids get out of the violent lifestyle and into art..If they decide to put it on the freeway thats their decision..I was shot at almost a year ago by tagbangers..Basically taggers who THINK they are gang bangers...its not fun and i dont want to do it again..And hey kbreak yeah i dont want anyone TAGGIN my house either..but if they did I'D understand why...and yeah the stuff up on the freeways needs to stay there..buffmarks are pretty boring to look at after a while..PEACE>>>>


June 11

Spent the last few days with Firefighters, CHP and other volunteers: So much fun & the foundation raised $130,000 for burn survivors.

this cop never did slide down the pole no matter how we cajoled (big pussy)

we laughed like that for 3 days (Quest did a whole week - but I assume days without me were sad : )

their website

Firefighters Quest

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From: kbreak
To: alisa

I despise graffiti unless the owner of the property specifically asked for it.
I've painted out graff many many times and had to pay for the paint.
It's vandalism.
It brings out more crime and lowers the quality of life.
I've seen taggers shooting at each other before.

Ask me sometime about the guy tagging *inside* my house.

I had him arrested.

Hi kbreak

You're not alone / a lot of people dislike. Cops in Venice have achieved a bit of truce with the artists by giving them wall's to paint.

Truthfully tho', I like graf on the freeways/billboards/buildings / I like it in bad neighborhoods like Lincoln Park & Downtown & good ones like Melrose & SM.

There R gang elements to graf but not all artists are criminals. I think urban art grows from the human urge to create. I think it's the most interesting thing happening in art today...

but I'm a freak XOXOXO

CafeDebbie welcome's 2 new Debs - Jillian & Lux - shot them yesterday. They showed up early, were professional, easy to get along with, funny (thanx!) and so fotogenic - look 4 them soon.

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From: kbreak
To: alisa
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 2:55 PM

grafitti on public/private property
without express permission isn't art.
it's some brat piss-marking the wall.

in the past year 2 (3?) workers painting
out grafitti have been shot dead in my
local neighborhood.


grafitti painters are NOT artists.

Hi kbreak

I disagree. I think art that provokes this kind of reaction is powerful / significant. I also luv the transient nature of it. A huge mural covering an overpass will be gone in a few days. That's why I document it.

I do agree that brats piss-mark walls; but don't toss the bambino w / the agua.

I'm going to do a 'i luv graf' on the LA River this summer. I think that concrete monstrosity benefits greatly from all the urban art.

That graf is such a flash point interests me as well. I've been thinking a lot about ying/yang and the never ending push and pull of good vs. evil.

The girl painting 'Knit' the other day at the beach =good

The boy that shot the kid for covering his tag =evil

But in my opinion, it's still art. XXOOO

i luv graf #5


in case you missed some...






From: Richard
To: alisa@cafedeb.com
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 5:00 PM
Subject: like your site

Is Deb an alter ego or a partner?

I've always been a sucker for classic nudes as opposed to hard core. I didn't get a chance to read all of the fiction - but I liked the one piece I read of yours 'a man of ambition.' Pretty dark girl but excellent writing.

I look forward to seeing Marissa in her Cookie tie. I'm heading to the east coast tomorrow so I won't get my mail till Tuesday next. Talk to you then.

XOXOX p.s. count me in for a subscription when you get there.

The Story of Debbie is good, but long - I'll put it in Deb Likes to Read one of these days.

Gracias 4 the kind words, baby - hard core makes me sad. Not exactly the respone the producers are looking for - haha.

I always liked shooting nudes, tho. Erotica is sexy / fun.

Here's a peek at cookie monster. When I finally open the site, I'll give ya'll a password. I haven't done any marketing yet.

I'm only sending it to all y'all.


sunset over the palisades
link of the week they have no shame
sat the 14th

cafedeb took pics this week of Jessel - beautiful girl / fotos PaulDDB - up soon

thanx again to Jamie - she came out from Phoenix to do makeup


i like ipod's advertising - life is random indeed

monday, may 9th

i luv graf 4 - this one is just venice - but i've been going downtown a lot lately - graf5 will be more cosmo

if you know anyone who wants on our mailing list have them e me : )

may 2 - dinner/drinks @ the jetson house, LAX
awake for a couple hours
making cornbread
baking little schnizzel
wanna go to a matinee?

all forward momentum stops
on saturday's
at the beach

april 30

i luv graf4

Some from Echo Park & Silverlake & one from Oahu (see if you can pick it out) but most of it is from Venice

tues the 19th - www.engrish.com - funny

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From: Comah USC
To: alisa@cafedeb.com
Sent: Monday, April 18, 2005 11:12 AM
Subject: While you were sleeping...
the latest
april 13 @ the beach
april 5 - went to kevin rollu's latest offering w/ alison

wasted an afternoon looking 4 poppies / 3.31.05

I luv graf 2 - 41 pics

March 19

Alison & I went & saw her friend Freddy in

The Night of the Black Cat

@ The Edgemar Center in SM

me & my neighbor went to the Hammer to watch a lecture by David Byrne oops couldn't get in / sat in the courtyard 4 a minute with 50 other late people, wacky

driving around SM listening to killing puritans

baywatch yelling @ surfers


these are some sketches I did in jail, I drew a few
more women but I traded them for cigs. I have
a few friends that are serious into tagging too, I
just mess around with it sometimes but those pix on
your site r awesome.

luv chase

thanx - i like the girl

there's great graf on the fwys here but i dont wanna crash trying to take pics (such a blonde thing to do : )

February 20

I luv graf

38 fotos - if you have a slow connection please be patient (& think about joining the 21st century)



1.20.05 nice day @ the beach - big waves, happy surfers


my friend Cheryl



December 04

Portland was great as usual, made music, laughed our heads, off left too soon flight home was clear took pics

thanxgiving - don't eat turkeys - hmmm - how 2 keep myself amused
things to do @ the beach


11-04 video

november sunset


venice beach

Nov 04

back from the So Pacific - visiting bro in Guam - then Hawaii back to Guam, then Bali, back to Guam, Hawaii again and home - whew! fun

Video of Monkey Forrest
Temple @ Tanah Lot
my driver, Ketut
video - flight to hawaii
video - pali hwy
oct sunset barrigada hts, guam
north shore of oahu
and back home
september nice to be home fed the goofy garage ducks
quiet room @ la county museum
baskets, venice beach
looking 4 the mummy

Video - driving in westbridgewater

can't swing a dead cat without hitting a kennedy


visiting george in boston...

still having problems with the site..




all work and no play makes jack a dull boy


hello debbie - i have questions

i've been using 2 types of font for the watermark on photos...papyrus & veranda

which do you prefer? email me, por favor @ debbie@cafedeb.com



damien drove me back to la saw some sights - oklahoma cop on the left & the toxic avenger as john wayne on yer right

here's video (from my little elph) think we were in nevada beautiful drive crazee weather

leaving minneapolis / st paul - goodbye klondyke kate & the wacky vulcans


goodbye megamall - they have everything - here's video of the freaking midway

bye marissa
ferris wheel @ the MN state fair

mascots getting restless

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