gimp surviving your survival

a memoir by alisa christensen

Is available at Amazon.

I was a stunt woman-actress in LA. In 2002 I had a life altering injury, burns and brain damage. Some of gimp is from journals; my early entries were good therapy, there was over a foot of medical paperwork and I copied every surgery report. It was helpful cognitive rehabilitation to write ‘lattisimus dorsi and hetrotopic ossification’ but would have been watching paint to read.

In 2007 I finally got serious about presenting gimp as a readable manuscript and realized there were many event’s I didn’t write about as they were happening; they were either too painful or too complicated. Brain damage is a differebnt plane of existance, a vortex that has different time flow.

Words still alter and reposition mysteriously. (The snail that broke a camel back? No, straw.) I left some in to amuse but most had to be fixed to make sense.

This isn’t raw diary writing; it’s been soothed and refined for viewing pleasure. A note from the old dead mentor was, don’t have too many names your audience doesn’t care, it’s distracting.

Good advice. Story characters, I love most of you as Friends; but some are Villains and names have been changed to protect the idiots.

There are fotos up at FoxyTheLittleDog/Gimp which follow the book. There are graphic fotos of surgery, don't run the slideshow if you are squeamish.

It was finished in 2008. If you can't afford gimp, please e your snail mail (contact) and a copy will be sent gratis. xoxkisses

Reach Alisa at

Portland Burn Survivors, Inc

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we have our EIN and 501c3 have begun raising money,to donate go to our website

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WeHo Stories is Queer as F*ck

is an excerpt from 'gimp, surviving your survival'

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