this video is a little too shakey - i was sitting at a traffic light had to zoom my little camera / it's just so funny in a macabre way

the county coroner is broke, so they sell everything from the bodies at the 'gift shop' and they even have a website

i love graf # 19..
i luv graf #18
i luv graf # 17

i luv the beach

9 pics



sunsets have been crazee / lovely winter

video's of nuthin' much


i luv graf #16


December 4

FavB was having an annoying am / those things only he see's were bugging the hell out him 4

i am actually leaving the beach & going to the valley 4 a x-mas party this afternoon / 1st Xmas miracle

video of : baskets homelett / bsing / the usual
sittin' around watching the sunset
a camera shy random rastafari & the great 'midnight express' debate...
was it a 1970's film about homosexuals? we all thought / how unbelievably 420 of him to rollerblade up & give his theory / it was appreciated
December 1, 2005

i luv LA # 3


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From: comah oneski
To: Alisa Christensen
Subject: Re: volume 18

yoo homegirl....hope all is well...Velvet Rose is a
dope addition...the piercings are real cool-makes me
wanna tug on em' hahahahaha....much love,stay up!


november 12 - baskets



i luv LA, Venice

18 photos

november 1

i luv LA, downtown

13 photos

another lazy day in venice, sunny, cool-ish, shootin the breeze about nothin much & watchin baskets

The team shot Velvet Rose this wkend, she's a babe, exotic & sweet. Thinking of frenz stuck in MN through the nasty winter, beautiful Velvet will be sending cafedeb's cozy beach luv...of course we have no $ to buy set's / I said to Jeff, 'how about a tent, like an oasis, here, I'll draw you a picture...'

(nice, yea?)

and he made a hideaway 4 our princess XOXX thanx baby
some 'behind the scene's' pics of Jillian and the Big Face

latest bomb from Comah / 5 fwy

i luv graf # 15

the west valley burning last week was eerily beautiful

took fotos

i luv graf # 14


thursday, september 22 / what I've been doing lately
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From: KevC
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Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 9:52 AM
Subject: Re: creepy fun

mmmm.... maybe not... I thought the plane hit the ground & mostly ripped apart before hitting the building. Although... I saw some photographs of an engine they pulled out of the wreckage from the Trade buildings & several aircraft mechanics have blogged that it's actually a 737 engine, not a 757. So... mmmm... it wouldn't surprise me that this was manufactured.... or maybe part of it manufactured along with the actual terrorist activities.

Yeah. Who cares if it's a hoax? It's more scandal. hahaha-

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From: alisa []
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 9:56 PM
To: Sheena Metal
Subject: Re: creepy fun

I think it's fake but I put it on my site anyway - alisa

CREEPY FUN this is about the crash at the Pentagon. I think it's a well produced hoax / could B wrong / I'm too lazy to look it up - whatchoo think?

sunday, beautiful day at the beach, sunset was nice tonight september 11

rest in peace

saturday - september 10
this is a chick on the left, couldnt tell what sex her bodyguard was video / waves low last sat / crazee labor crowds

wednesday, september 7th

i luv graf # 13

August 29 Went to The World Burn Congress in Baltimore last week. A pack of us came out from LA and had a grand time.

We stayed on the waterfront, it's been fixed up since the last time I was there / a lot of construction & bla bla bla - nice shiny new coat of paint on Baltimores homeless crack ho's....

here's Fotos

WBC is put on by The Phoenix Society
Baltimore Orioles vs the Oakland A's at Camden Yards / fun but slowish / we left in the 6th / A's won

i luv graf #12

venice beach

august 20

lux kassidy

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From: Tony Gines
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Subject: Re: hi from cafedeb

thanks for the plug.
nice site you got.

Tony Gines
AIM: crapvilletony



i luv graf #11

sunday the seventh 'hare krishna'

or India Day

august 6 sittin around watchin baskets / this chick stood on the court & would not move - they almost ran her over - she was pissed that the boys wouldn't let her play (I don't know why - she couldn't have been any worse than they were) Someone called over the beach cops...

Those male cops can't touch a female just standing there & she knew it. Stale mate - so funny.

august 2

i luv graf #10all from Venice, too hot to go anywhere more then a mile or 2 from the beach - kind of a spazz vid - been taking pics all week, just been too busy to put them up

cafedeb got 261,000 hits in July : )

wednesday the 27th - was in burbank 4 a dr appt - early so driving around taking pics - they have a new park/new library - driving around in the sweltering oppressive heat thinkin' lincoln
not the linkin park I'm used 2
july 24, 4:20 am
i luv graf # 9

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From: george
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Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: volume 7

> Hi honey, I have a few minutes w/o kids and I am looking at Cafedeb right now. Great job! Did you send it to Ken? Oh, one more thing before the kids comeback in the house... shit, call this weekend

that's so funny baby


 July 20 - lovely at the beach

but the rest of the city is cooking


another Chase sighting today drove to Studio City to fetch mail (91 in the am) and there he was right next door


july 14 70 at the beach - 96 in Studio City - 107 in Lancaster. 30 miles difference. So happy I'm down by the water. (I had my space heater on today, haha.)
------------Chase Art
kari' s friend nigel driving from Mpls to NY flying monkey airlines
July i luv graf # 8
i have been documenting graf 4 over a year now - i like the transiet nature of it and i like 2 photoshop - here is the back log
graf #1
graf #2
graf #3
graf #4
graf #5
graf #6
graf #7